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Chef Luigi Antonio Piu

Chef Luigi Antonio Piu

Chef Luigi Antonio Piu

Group Executive Chef

Abu Dhabi Country Club

Chef Luigi Antonio Piu lends his expertise and experience in mediterranean cuisine to our fine dining restaurant Sardinia, the contemporary and traditional Italian restaurant Mondo Pizzeria, as well as our professional Catering & Banqueting Kitchen.

Born in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, Chef Luigi Antonio Piu graduated from Centro di Formazione in 1972.

With a passionate belief that his calling as a chef was to bring traditional home style Italian cuisine to the rest of the world, he embarked on an illustrious career that took him around the world.

Over the years, he has gained multi-cultural exposure winning the hearts of guests in Europe, the Middle East and across the Asia Pacific region.

Chef Luigi looks after the food preparation department of Abu Dhabi Country Club. His sincere dedication to a high standard of quality and presentation is a positive influence on the menu selection of our outlets. His enthusiasm inclines towards creating a repertoire of Italian dishes that impart an exquisite range of aromas and flavors inspired by his home town in Italy.