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Abu Dhabi Country Club’s Sports Complex

Abu Dhabi Country Club opened a new Sports Complex on May 1, 2013, introducing more state-of-the-art fitness studios to cater to the rapidlygrowing demand of members and non-members.

Featuring, Two Squash Courts; Training and Competition, Three New Aerobic Halls (approximately 400 square metres each), accommodating up to 100 persons each, and One Multipurpose Court, offering Five Sporting Disciplines, complimented with spectator seating. These new facilities offer our valued members and guests with far more opportunities and a strong competitive advantage on the market.

Guests are welcome to experience both Mixed and Ladies Only classes in the new facilities, ranging from Body Combat, Body Pump,TRX, GRIT, Zumba, GO-MAX  and more!

Already holding four fitness studios in the Main Gym, this expansion was crucial with the increasing demand for our classes, thanks both to the wide variety of classes offered by the club, as well as our highly trained and professional instructors. Each studio is equipped with a state- of- the-art audio system and acoustic paneling on the walls and ceiling, as well as a spacious stage for fitness instructors, mirrored walls, and Canadian maple wood flooring throughout- all prepared to welcome guests to the club’s most popular Les Mills classes.

Further, incorporated in the 2,000 square meters of area on the ground floor, Two Squash Courts are found opposite of the Aerobic Studios. Built with shatter-proof glass, the professional standard size courts cater to both training sessions, as well as competitions, welcoming 45 spectators to the stadium seating.

Unique to Abu Dhabi, upstairs, filling 1,500 square meters of space, the new Multipurpose FIFA Standard Court (25m x 45m) accommodates the needs for Five Sporting Disciplines; Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, & Tennis, fully equipped with electrically operated hoops, LED scoreboards, and stadium seating- most conveniently to welcome guests all year round.