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Padel Courts



Abu Dhabi Country Club was the first club in the city to have its own padel courts. We welcome members as well as non-members to come and play padel and experience that great new trend themselves.

  • Padel – a game for everyone
  • Padel is a very simple and dynamic game. You only need 4 players eager to enjoy themselves. It is a racquet sport typically played in doubles on an enclosed glass-wall or concrete-wall court.
  • The court is less than half the size of a tennis court.
  • The padel racquet is smaller and lighter than a tennis racquet, solid with no strings, perforated.
  • Both the balls and the scoring are the same as in tennis.
  • The ball can be played off the walls.
  • It’s not physically or technically demanding, and a very short period of training is required to learn the basics.
  • Padel is a sport for everyone: great for ladies, juniors and seniors too.

How to play

  • Walls support the returning of the ball. It bounces on the turf, then on the wall and can be returned directly, or by bouncing it to the wall again without letting it bouncing on the turf a second time in the returning side of the court.
  • Important: The ball should bounce only one time on the turf as in tennis.
  • Scoring, number of games in a set and number of sets to be played are analogical to tennis; a match could be placed to the best of either 3 or 5 sets.
Want to know more about Padel? Please contact our Front Desk or our Padel Coach (details below) or call 02 657 7777

Mr. Raul Cuesta Santos  / Ms. Laura Dana
Mobile: 055-5022679     / +971 2 657 7703