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Personal Training

Personal Training

How would you like one to one personal training by a member of our Fitness Team? Your personal trainer will see you through your paces and advice you on the best ways to achieve your fitness goals.

Our objective is to assist our clients in achieving the fitness results they desire through superior exercise instruction and programming driven by our enthusiasm and ongoing education in the most effective training techniques.
Our personal training program can help you:

  • lose weight
  • improve your health
  • increase energy
  • firm up
  • build muscle
  • enhance your quality of life
  • increase muscular strength and endurance

With the help and guidance of Abu Dhabi Country Club’s personal trainers you can accomplish any and all of these goals. We will design a complete program for you based on your needs and goals.

Our trainers take into consideration your current condition, specific goals, medical history, lifestyle and the time you have available for exercise.
You’ll receive guidance on all aspects from nutrition and exercise to the finer details like the amount of weight you should be using, how many repetitions and sets you should do, etc. They will motivate you, educate you and push you to limits that you never thought were possible.

You will be amazed at how fast you will lose fat, increase energy and transform your body
into a work of art.

We also offer personal training for every type of sport and Powerhouse gym activities.

For more details please contact your ADCC gym instructor, our front desk or call us at 02 657 7777.